Statistics 2: Introduction to Statistics (Summer 2008)

Instructor: Brad Luen (brad@stat)

Class Time: 10:00am-11:00am on MTuWThF at 390 Hearst Min.

Instructor Office hours: W 11:00am-1:00pm, 307 Evans.

GSI: Partha S. Dey (partha@stat)

Lab Sections (101): MTuWTh 11:00-12:00 in 332 Evans.

Office hours: W 9-10 am, Th 3-4 pm in 307 Evans.

GSI: Daniel Ting (dting@stat)

Lab Sections (102, 103): MTuWTh 11:00-12:00, 12:00-1:00 in 344 Evans.

Office hours: Tu 9-10 am, 2-3 pm in 387 Evans.

Textbook: Statistics (3rd or 4th Edition) by Freedman, Pisani & Purves.

Contents: Chapters 1-29 of the textbook.



There will be 6 quizzes, 1 midterm and 1 final exam for this course. The quizzes will be given during the discussion sections. The final, the midterm and the best five out of six quizzes will determine grades.

Course Schedule and Readings

Examinable topics not explicitly covered in the textbook

  • Week 1: Types of observational study: cohort, case-control, cross-sectional; one variable graphs: bar and line graphs

  • Week 2: Box plots; Chebyshev's inequality; non-linear relationships (no math required)

  • Week 6: Some problems.

Practice problems