Homework Policy

There are weekly homework assignments. Homework problems are mostly drawn from the text [Du] Probability: Theory and Examples (3rd ed) by Rick Durrett. Here are the ground rules.

  • Due date: Homework from Week n is due Thursday of Week n+1 in class.
  • Scoring: Each homework consists of about 5 exercises though the exact number may vary. Each week, depending on class size, I will sample arbitrarily between 2 and 5 of them and I will grade only those problems (same problems for everyone). Also the problems  marked with *  will be always graded. Each homework will be graded on 20 points.
  • Three-strike policy: There will be roughly 12 homeworks. At the end of the semester, two of them will be dropped from your final grade (typically the lowest two grades). If on a particular week, you are unable to produce a homework assignment for any reason, that homework will count as one of the two dropped assignments.

A few more remarks about homeworks.

  • No late homework: Homeworks are due at the beginning of class every Thursday. Late homeworks will not be accepted. (But see the Three-Strike Policy.)
  • Group work: You are welcome to work on the problems in groups. But each student must submit their own solutions.
  • Hints: No hints will be given at office hours.