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Other Tools

cut -d' ' -f5 foo | nl pulls out fifth field from foo based on space-delimiting and numbers lines
paste filenames pastes lines together, columnwise
xhost +machinename allow machinename to open windows on your machine
talk user@machine allows you to talk to user
wc filename counts words, lines, characters in a file
mail -s subject user@machine < foo mails contents of foo to user
metamail in conjunction with mail program, converts and decodes attachments
perl -e 'while ($line=<>) {$line=~s/\n//; print <s> $line </s>\n;}' command-line perl example
ctrl-alt-{+,-} change screen resolution
ctrl-alt-F1 gets out of X in linux
mount{umount} /mnt/cdrom mount(unmount} a CD-rom on linux
tail -f file shows the end of file, updating in real-time as file is appended to

Chris Paciorek 2012-01-21