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Avoiding extras space after 'fi' in pdf files created via ps2pdf

When creating pdf files from latex via ps2pdf, sometimes there is an extra space after fi, such as in fi ve. There are a few solutions that I know of for this problem.

  1. Use pdflatex to compile your Lyx or Latex files directly to pdf.
  2. Manually go into the ps file and search for \002, replacing with fi. Interestingly, all the cases of fi in my files may be replaced by \002, but only a few have the effect of inserting the extra space. If I knew more about postscript than random hacks, I might understand this.
  3. Arun Saha suggested calling ps2pdf as follows >ps2pdf -dCompatibilityLevel=1.3 file.pdf
Keywords: latex, ps2pdf, fi, pdf, extra space

Last modified 6/23/07.

Chris Paciorek 2012-01-21