Working Toward Gender Equity in the Academy

Organized by

Chancellor's Coordinating Committee on the Status of Women (CCSW)
Academic Senate Committee on the Status of Women And Ethnic Minorities (SWEM)

University of California, Berkeley January 25, 2001

Faculty, staff and students from the University of California gathered on January 25, 2001 on the Clark Kerr Campus to discuss strategies to combat the decline in the rate of hiring of women and minority faculty since the passage of California Prop 209 and UC Regents resolution SP-1.

On this website you will find transcripts of the keynote speeches; a list of conference participants; and suggestions for change. These suggestions were assembled from the speeches, question and answer periods, panel discussions, break-out group sessions, campus reports, and conference feedback forms. Some of these ideas have already been implemented on the Berkeley campus, and others are successfully implemented at other campuses. We include them all for completeness.

More recently, the University of California held the President's Summit on Faculty Gender Equity

Dedicated to the memory of Barbara Christian.

Sponsored by the Prytanean Honor Society

Organizers: Kathleen Dixon, Carmen McKinnes, Deborah Nolan

Conference Coordinator: Katy Curtis

Funding for this conference was provided by Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Paul Grey.
Edith Ng, Director of Staff Affirmative Action and Diversity, provided the staff support for the Conference Coordinator.