Mehdi Ouaki


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Postal address : 451 Evans Hall, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720-3860, USA.

I am a PhD student at UC Berkeley advised by Steven N. Evans and Fraydoun Rezakhanlou. Previously, I was an undergraduate student at Ecole Polytechnique in France. I am broadly interested in probability theory, partial differential equations and mathematical physics. Here is my CV


  1. Random tessellations and Gibbsian solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations (with Fraydoun Rezakhanlou). Preprint (2021)

  2. Markovian structure in the concave majorant of Brownian motion (with Jim Pitman). Preprint (2021)

  3. Scalar conservation laws with white noise initial data. Preprint to appear in Probability Theory and Related Fields (2020)

  4. Two continua of embedded regenerative sets (with Steven N. Evans). To appear in a Festschrift for Ron Doney edited by Loic Chaumont and Andreas Kyprianou. Preprint (2019)

  5. Excursions away from The Lipschitz minorant of a Lévy process (with Steven N. Evans). To appear in Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré B: Probability and Statistics. Preprint (2019)