Elchanan Mossel

אלחנן מוסל     

I was a professor of statistics and computer science at U.C. Berkeley until 2016.
I moved to MIT.
This page is no longer maintained.
My new page at MIT

I am from Jerusalem where I was awarded a PhD in Math at the Hebrew University, advised by Yuval Peres.

Before starting my position, I was a post-doc at the
Theory Group of Microsoft Research , Redmond
and a
Miller fellow in Statistics and Computer Science here at U.C. Berkeley.
During the years 2008-2010 I was at the
Weizmann Institute.


Research Interests:
Combinatorial Statistics, Discrete Fourier Analysis and Influences,
Randomized Algorithms, Computational Complexity, MCMC, Markov Random Fields,
Social Choice, Game Theory, Evolution 

Quick links:


Papers via: Google Scholar, DBLP, Arxiv

Former Graduate Students:

Sebastien Roch (graduated 2007; Currently at U. Madison Wisconsin)

Allan Sly (graduated 2009; back at U.C. Berkeley)

Arnab Sen (graduated 2010; advised jointly with Steve Evans; currently at U. Minnesota)

Joe Neeman (graduated 2013)

Siu On Chan (graduated 2013  ; advised jointly with Luca Trevisan)

Siu Man Chan (graduated 2013 ; advised jointly with Luca Trevisan)

Omer Tamuz (graduated 2013 from Weizmann Institute)

Miklos S. Racz (Graduated 2015, Currently at Microsoft Research)

Former Masters Students: Thurston Dang (2013)

PostDocs mentored:


Jan Arpe (currently at Bertelsmann Foundation)

Nathan Keller (at Weizmann institute; currently at Bar Ilan University)

Tamir Tuller (at Weizmann institute; currently at Tel-Aviv University)


Grants and  Awards:

Current  support:   NSF (DMS 1106999  and CCF 1320105)  ONR (DOD ONR grant N000141110140)

Previous   support: NSF (DMS 0528488 & 0504245 & Career award 0548249)    ONR (N0014-07-1-05-06)  BSF(2004105 - this grant was also awarded the ``Bergman prize'')
Sloan Fellowship in Mathematics    Miller fellowship    ISF (710279)    EU (PIRG04-GA-2008-239317) & Minerva Foundation.



Professional Activity:

Summer 2014: PIMS  Summer School in Probability.

Fall 2013:  A semester long program on Real Analysis in Computer Science at the newly founded Simons Institute.

July 2013: A course on " probability models of information exchange on networks"  at the Cornell Probability Summer School

Spring 2012: I was a member at MSRI Random Spatial Process Program 

Winter 2012: Winter School on Discrete Fourier Analysis

Editorial Boards:
1. Electronic Journal of Probability/ Electronic Communication in Probability
2. Annales de la Faculté des Sciences de Toulouse
3. Theory of Computing Special Issue on Analysis of Boolean functions (deadline Jan 15, 2013, co-edited with Ryan O'Donnell) - no more submissions please!


Old courses:

Sp 2014: [Algorithms (CS170)]

SP13: [STAT 155 - Game Theory]       [Stat 241B/CS281B -  Statistical Learning Theory]

FA11:  [CS 174 - Randomized Algorithms]

FA10:  [CS 294 (063) / Econ 207 A / Math C223A / Stat 206 - Social Choice and Networks]

SP10:  [Combinatorial Statistics (Weizmann)] Syllabus

[Topics in Game Theory and Social Choice for Teachers (Weizmann)]


SP08: [Stat155 - Game Theory (HW Page)]            [Stat205B - Graduate level Probability]

FA06: [Stat134 - Introduction to Probability]           [Stat206A - Stochastic Processes: Gibbs Measures]  


FA05: [Stat134 - Introduction to Probability]           [Stat206A - Stochastic Processes: Polynomials of Random Variables (Discrete Fourier Analysis)]


Co-taught Coding theory(CSE522/Math581EB). University of Washington. Fall 2001.

Old Seminars: Neyman Seminar (Sp 08), Probability Seminar (Fa 06),  Neyman Seminar (Fa 05)