Michael Lugo
Lecturer, Department of Statistics
Office: 325 Evans Hall
Email: mlugo at stat dot berkeley dot edu
My CV.


In Spring 2012, I am teaching:

In Fall 2011, I taught:

Old course web pages are still available.
In Summer 2011, I taught Stat 135: Concepts of Statistics.
In Spring 2011, I taught:

In Fall 2010, I taught

If you need older course web pages (Summer 2006 through Spring 2010), see my UPenn web page.


My main research interests are in the properties of large random structures. Currently available papers and preprints are below.
Profiles of permutations, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 16 (2009) #R99. (23 pages).
The number of cycles of specified normalized length in permutations, preprint, arXiv:0909.2909. (15 pages)
Cycle structure of compositions of random involutions, preprint, arXiv:0911.3604, (17 pages)
PhD thesis, Profiles of large combinatorial structures, May 2010. 157-page single-spaced version. (There's also a double-spaced version available from some other sources, if you really hate trees.)

Other things

I have a mathematical blog called God Plays Dice.