1. Statistics

  2. (* = equal contribution and alphabetical order )

    1. Singularity, Misspecification, and the Convergence Rate of EM, (under review in Annals of Statistics).
      Raaz Dwivedi*, Nhat Ho*, Koulik Khamaru*, Martin J. Wainwright, Mike Jordan and Bin Yu.

    2. Computation of the Maximum Likelihood estimator in low-rank Factor Analysis (under review in Mathematical Programming).
      Koulik Khamaru and Rahul Mazumder.

    3. Theoretical guarantees for EM under misspecified Gaussian mixture models, NeurIPS 2018.
      Raaz Dwivedi*, Nhat Ho*, Koulik Khamaru*, Martin J. Wainwright and Mike Jordan.

  3. Non-convex optimization

    1. Derivative-Free Methods for Policy Optimization: Guarantees for Linear Quadratic Systems , AISTATS 2019, arXiv
      Dhruv Malik, Ashwin Pananjady, Kush Bhatia, Koulik Khamaru, Peter Bartlett and Martin J. Wainwright

    2. Convergence guarantees for a class of non-convex and non-smooth optimization problems, ICML 2018, arXiv
      Koulik Khamaru and Martin J. Wainwright

  4. Methodology

    1. A Peak Synchronization Measure for Multiple Signals, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 62(17), pp. 4391 - 4399, 2014.
      Rahul Biswas, Koulik Khamaru and Kaushik Majumder.