Koulik Khamaru


Department Of Statistics
University Of California, Berkeley

PhD Student
Department Of Statistics
University Of California, Berkeley

About me

I am Koulik, a sixth year PhD student at Department Of Statistics, UC Berkeley. I am fortunate to be jointly advised by Professor Martin J. Wainwright and Professor Michael I. Jordan. Before coming to Berkeley I finished my Undergraduate and Masters in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. In 2019, I spent a wonderful summer at Amazon, working with Professor Dean Foster. In 2020, I was part of the Berkeley-BAIR collaboration and worked under Professor Lester Mackey

I will be on the 2021-22 job market.

Research interest

My research interests spans theory and application of statistics, machine learning and optimization. Specific areas include EM algorithm, Gaussian mixture models, model mis-specification, factor analysis, reinforcement learning, inference in sequential environments, non-convex optimization.

Contact information

koulik (at) berkeley (dot) edu
435 Evans Hall
Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA - 94720.