Koulik Khamaru


Department Of Statistics
University Of California, Berkeley

PhD Student
Department Of Statistics
University Of California, Berkeley

About me

I am Koulik, a PhD student at Department Of Statistics, UC Berkeley. I am fortunate to be jointly advised by Professor Martin J. Wainwright and Professor Michael I. Jordan. I am entering my fifth year in Fall 2020. Before coming to Berkeley I finished my Undergraduate and Masters in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. In 2019, I spent a wonderful summer at Amazon, working with Professor Dean Foster.

Research interest

My research interests are broadly in staistics, machine learning and optimization. In particular, I have worked on problems related to Gaussian mixture models, EM algorithm, non-convex optimization, factor analysis, stochastic algorithms, reinforcement learning and inference with adaptively collected data.

Contact information

koulik (at) berkeley (dot) edu
435 Evans Hall
Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA - 94720.