Reza Gheissari


Miller Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley.

Hosted by Alistair Sinclair and the departments of Statistics and EECS.

I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics from NYU in May 2019.

There, I was coadvised by Eyal Lubetzky and Chuck Newman.

CV   Ph.D. Thesis Email: “last name” @ “”

Research interests. Probability theory and mathematical physics: statics and dynamics of spin systems (including Ising and Potts models, spin glasses), relations to optimization in high dimensions.

Preprints and publications.

18. Random-cluster dynamics on random graphs in tree uniqueness.

                 With A. Blanca. Submitted, 2020.

17. Diffusions interacting through a random matrix: universality via stochastic Taylor expansion.

                 With A. Dembo. Submitted, 2020.

16. Local and global geometry of the 2D Ising interface in critical pre-wetting.

                 With S. Ganguly. Submitted, 2020.

15. A classification for the performance of online SGD for high-dimensional inference.

                 With G. Ben Arous and A. Jagannath. Submitted, 2020.

14. Tightness and tails of the maximum in 3D Ising interfaces.

                 With E. Lubetzky. Annals of Probability, to appear. 2019.

13. Maximum and shape of interfaces in 3D Ising crystals.

                 With E. Lubetzky. Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, to appear. 2019.

12. Algorithmic thresholds for tensor PCA.

                 With G. Ben Arous and A. Jagannath. Annals of Probability. 2018.

11.Bounding flows for spherical spin glass dynamics.

                 With G. Ben Arous and A. Jagannath. Communications in Mathematical Physics. 2018.

10.Random-cluster dynamics in Z2: rapid mixing with general boundary conditions.

                 With A. Blanca and E. Vigoda. Annals of Applied Probability, to appear. 2018.

                                                                    Extended abstract in RANDOM 2019.

9.   Zero-temperature dynamics in the dilute Curie--Weiss model.

                 With C. Newman and D. Stein. Journal of Statistical Physics, 2017.

8.   Concentration inequalities for polynomials of contracting Ising models.

                 With E. Lubetzky and Y. Peres. Electronic Communications in Probability, 2017.

7.   Exponentially slow mixing in the mean-field Swendsen--Wang dynamics.

                 With E. Lubetzky and Y. Peres. Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré (B), 2017.

                                                                    Extended abstract in SODA 2018.

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