A. J. Nicholson's Sheep Blowfly Experiment 97(I) data

The data, comma delimited

These data are listed in, D. R. Brillinger, J. Guckenheimer, P. Guttorp and G. Oster. "Empirical modelling of population time series data: the case of age and density dependent vital rates". Lectures on Mathematics in t he Life Sciences, Vol. 13, 65-90. American Math. Soc. (1980)

See also, G. Oster, "Predicting populations", Amer. Zool. 21, 831-844 (1981)

A rough copy of the 1980 paper

The experiment is described in

Nicholson, A. J. (1957) The self-adjustment of populations to change. Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology 223, 153-173.

but the plot in Figure 8 goes off scale. The values provided were obtained following a trip by DRB to CSIRO in 1977.