1937 Born, Toronto, Canada


Degrees and Other Education:

1961-2 Social Science Research Council Fellow, London School of Economics

1961 Ph.D., Mathematics, Princeton University 

1960 M.A., Mathematics, Princeton University

Associate of the Society of Actuaries

1959 B.A., Mathematics, Victoria University, University of Toronto

Lieutenant(c), Royal Canadian Naval Reserve


Academic and Research Career:

1979-81 Chair, Statistics Department, UCB

1977 Short Term Visitor, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organization, Australia

1976 Visiting Professor of Mathematics, University of Auckland, New Zealand

1969- Professor of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley

1969 Instructional Lecturer, 12th Biennial Seminar, Canadian Mathematical Congress

1967-8 Visiting Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley

1966-9 Reader, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

1964-6 Lecturer, LSE

1962-4 Member of Technical Staff, Bell Telephone Laboratories (half-time)

Lecturer in Mathematics, Princeton University (half-time)



2008 Doctor of Science (honoris causa), McMaster University, Canada

2007 PIMS 10th Anniversary Distinguished Lecturer

Principal Lecturer, 10th Latin American Congress on Statistics and Probability (Unable to present due to family illness and death just before)

2006 Foreign Member, Brazilian Academy of Science

2005 Neyman Lecturer, IMS

2004 Huggins Lecturer, Acadia University, Nova Scotia

Filmed as a Distinguished Statistician for the American Statistical Association's Archive

Pfizer Colloquium, University of Connecticut 

Foreign Member, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters 

2003 Doctor of Mathematics (honoris causa), University of Waterloo. 

2002 Keynote Speaker, 34th Symposium on the Interface 

2002 Founding Fellow, Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences 

2001 Parzen Prize for Statistical Innovation

Honorary Member, Probability and Statistics Section, Cuban Society of Mathematics and Computation 

2000 Britton Lecturer, McMaster University, Canada 

1999 Doctor of Science (honoris causa), University of Western Ontario

1997 Lecturer PIMS Inaugural Meeting

1996 Hunter Lecturer, International Environmetrics Society   

1994 Distinguished Lecturer, Simon Fraser University

Keynote Speaker, SPIE International Society for Optical Engineering, San Diego   

1993 Keynote Speaker, 25th Symposium on the Interface

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Principal Lecturer, 5th Latin American Congress on Statistics and Probability

Keynote Speaker, Stochastic and Statistical Methods in Hydrology and Environmental Engineering Conference, Waterloo, Ontario

Keynote Speaker, Winter Meeting, Canadian Mathematical Society 

1992 Recipient Gold Medal, Statistical Society of Canada

Herzberg Lecturer, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

Keynote Speaker, 3rd General Meeting of the Environmetric Society, Helsinki

Invited Lecturer, Opening Meeting Fields Institute

1991 R.A. Fisher Award of the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies

Distinguished Lecturer, University of Texas at Dallas.

1989 Wilks Lecturer, Princeton University 

1985 Fellow, Royal Society of Canada

Principal Speaker, Summer Research Institute, Australian Mathematical Society

Principal Speaker, 2nd Latin American Congress on Statistics and Probability, Caracas 

1984 Hotelling Lecturer, University of North Carolina 

1983 Wald Lecturer, Institute of Mathematical Statistics

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Invited Speaker, International Congress of Mathematicians, Warsaw

Guest Lecturer, Peking University, Beijing, China 

1982-3 Guggenheim Fellow

1981 Jacob Marschak Seminar Speaker, UCLA

1979 Medallion Lecturer, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), Los Angeles

1975-6 Guggenheim Fellow 

1974 Member, International Statistical Institute

Special Invited Lecturer, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Edmonton 

1973 Miller Research Professor, UCB 

1972 Fellow, American Statistical Association 

1969 Fellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics

1961-1962 Social Science Research Council Fellow

1960-1961 Bell Telephone Laboratories Graduate Fellowship

1959-60 Woodrow Wilson National Fellow

1959 Canada Council Scholarship

1959 S. H. Janes Medal, Prim in Math et Phys, Victoria University, Toronto 

1958 One of top five competitors in Putnam Mathematical Competition


Elected or Appointed Positions:

2007- Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Center for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, Norway

2006- Editorial Board, Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics

2006-8 President, The International Environmetrics Society (TIES), the Environmetrics Section of the ISI

2003-5 Chair, Advisory Committee Berkeley Seismographic Laboratory

2003-7 Chair, Committee on Publications, International Statistical Institute (ISI)

2003 Charter Member, Network of Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES)

2001-2 President, Statistical Society of Canada

Member, Advisory Committee Berkeley Seismographic Laboratory

2000-4 Chair, Committee on Probability and Statistics in the Physical Sciences, Bernoulli Society

2000 Member, Committee to Consider Service Medal Awards, International Statistical Institute

1999-2005 Member, Scientific Review Panel, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS)

1999-2000 Chair, Section U (Statistics), American Association for the Advancement of Science

1998-2001 Section Editor, Encyclopedia of Environmetrics

1998-2001 Member, Synge Prize Committee, Royal Society of Canada

1998- Associate Editor, Brazilian J. Probability and Statistics

1997 Member, NASA Panel to Review the Haystack Radar

1997- Faculty Participant, Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER)

1996-7 Member, International Committee to Review Canadian Mathematics

1996- Deputy Editor, Environmetrics 

1995-7 Editor, Statistical Science 

1995- Editorial Board, Resenhas, now Sao Paulo Journal of Mathematical Sciences

1995 Board, National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS)

 Member, IMS Committee on Liaison with Bernoulli Society

1994-5 President, Institute of Mathematical Statistics

 Member, Awards Committee, Statistical Society of Canada

1994-7 Member-at-Large, Section on Statistics, AAAS

1994-8 Editor, Statistical Science

Member, Parzen Prize Committee

1993-7 Advisory Committee, Earthquake Engineering Research Center

1993-5 Member, Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS)

1992-4 Consulting Editor, Canadian Journal of Statistics

1992-8 Member, Scientific Advisory Panel, Fields Institute, Canada

1991-2002 Co-Chair, Group in Biostatistics

1991-4 Editorial Board, Case Studies in Biometry

1990-6 Editorial Advisory Board, Environmetrics

1990 Member, Blue Ribbon Committee on the Establishment of Mediterranean Fruit Fly in California

1988- Faculty Participant, Earthquake Engineering Research Center

1988-90 Board of Governors, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota

1987-93 Editorial Board, Chance 

1987-91 Editor, International Statistical Review

1987-90 Member, Grant Selection Committee for Statistics, National Research Council of Canada

1987-8 Chair, Awards Committee, Statistical Society of Canada

1986-7 Member P. Robillard Award Committee, Statistical Society of Canada

1985-7 Member, Committee on Research Support, Statistical Society of Canada

1985-6 Member, Committee on Honourary Fellows, Statistical Society of Canada

1984-7 Editor, Statistical Science

1982-91 Member, Statistical Methods Advisory Committee, Statistics Canada

1980-92 Member, Demography Group

1980-7 Board of Editors, Journal of Theoretical Neurobiology

1980-3 Member, Committee on Applied and Theoretical Statistics, National Research Council

1979-87 Editorial Board, Journal of Time Series Analysis

1979-81 Member, Committee to Prepare Roster of Statisticians, International Statistical Institute

1978-80 Member, Committee on the Integration of Statistics, International Statistical Institute

1978-82 Member, Panel on Fertility Determinants, National Research Council

1978-9 Member, Regional Activity and Demographic Review Committee (READ), U.S. Department of Energy

1977-9 Member, Committee on Corporate Members, Mathematical Association of America

1977-87 Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Statistics

1977-80 Member, Grant Selection Committees for Mathematics and Statistics, National Research Council of Canada

1977-9 Member, National Statistics Committee, National Research Council

1977-8 Member, Statistical Task Force, Weather Modification Advisory Board

Chair, Advisory Committee, Survey Research Center

1977-8 Vice Chair Statistics Department

1976-87 Editorial Board, Springer-Verlag Series in Statistics and Lecture Notes in Statistics

1976-8 Publications Committee, Institute of Mathematical Statistics

1976 Chair, Nominating Committee, Institute of Mathematical Statistics

1975-8 Editorial Board, Journal of Multivariate Analysis

1975-92 Research Associate, Seismographic Stations, UCB

1975-9 Council of the Bernoulli Society

1975-7 Advisor on Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Council of Ontario Universities

1975-6 Chair, Editor Selection Committee, Institute of Mathematical Statistics

1974-7 Council of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

1974-5 Vice Chair, Statistics Department

1972-83 Member, Analysis Advisory Committee, National Assessment of Educational Progress

1972-8 Associate Editor, Annals of Probability

1972-8 Associate Editor, Annals of Statistics

1973-1976 Member, Advisory Board, Survey Research Center

1973 Co-Organizer, Conference on Forecasting Air Pollution for California

1972-8 Chairman, Evans Hall Computer Committee

1970-2 Associate Editor, Annals of Mathematical Statistics

1968-9 Editorial Board, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B

Member, Research Section Committee, Royal Statistical Society

1960-1 Chair, Graduate College Committee, Princeton University



Institute of Mathematical Statistics

Royal Statistical Society

American Statistical Association

Statistical Society of Canada

Statistical Society of Brazil

The International Environmetrics Society

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Royal Society of Canada

Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters

Brazilian Academy of Sciences

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Seismological Society of America

Canadian Mathematical Society


Consultant (partial list):

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Seismological Group, Blacknest, Berks

National Broadcasting Corporation, New York City

National Assessment of Educational Progress, Denver

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Houston

Geomatrix Inc., Oakland

Institute of Biometry and Community Medicine, University of Exeter, England

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority