Brett Kolesnik
Neyman Visiting Assistant Professor in Statistics at UC Berkeley

Postdoctoral Fellow
2017–2019 at UC Berkeley, hosted by Prof David Aldous
PhD in Mathematics in 2017, University of British Columbia, advised by Prof Omer Angel
Mail: Department of Statistics, 367 Evans Hall # 3860, UC Berkeley CA 94720 USA

Office: 351 Evans Hall


Large deviations of the greedy independent set algorithm on sparse random graphs

The geometry of random tournaments, with Mario Sanchez
Weakly saturated random graphs, with Zsolt Bartha
Transitive closure in a polluted environment, with Janko Gravner
Randomized sequential importance sampling for estimating the number of perfect matchings in bipartite graphs, with Persi Diaconis
To stay discovered: On tournament mean score sequences and the Bradley–Terry model, with David Aldous, Stochastic Processes and their Applications, In Memoriam: Larry Shepp
Sharp threshold for K4-percolation
Large deviations for subcritical bootstrap percolation on the random graph, with Omer Angel
Sharp thresholds for contagious sets in random graphs, with Omer Angel, Annals of Applied Probability
Stability of geodesics in the Brownian map, with Omer Angel and Grégory Miermont, Annals of Probability
Lower bounds for the isoperimetric numbers of random regular graphs, with Nick Wormald, SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


David Aldous
Omer Angel
Zsolt Bartha
Persi Diaconis
Janko Gravner

Grégory Miermont
Mario Sanchez
Nick Wormald

UC Berkeley:

Stat 150: Stochastic Processes, Spring 2021
Stat 150:
Stochastic Processes, 82 students, Fall 2020
Stat 134: Concepts of Probability, 296 students, Spring 2020
Stat 150: Stochastic Processes,106 students, Fall 2018
Stat 150: Stochastic Processes, 96 students, Spring 2018
At University of British Columbia:
Math 220: Mathematical Proof, 64 students, Spring 2017
Math 318: Probability with Physical Applications, 59 students, Spring 2016
Math 110: Differential Calculus, 111 students, Fall 2014
Math 101: Integral Calculus, 77 students, Spring 2014