Random Structures and Limit Objects: A conference to celebrate the 60th birthday of David Aldous

Here is the conference announcement

Talk titles and links to relevant papers

Steve Evans: Lipschitz minorants of Levy processes.

Yuval Peres: Mixing times, cover times and optimization with random inputs.

Vlada Limic: ``Reflections in honor of David Aldous's 60th birthday"

Jean-Francois Le Gall: The Brownian map.

Martin Barlow: Random walks on the uniform spanning tree

Frank Kelly: Ultimate Instability of Exponential Back-Off Protocol (old paper by Aldous); and A simple model of a limit order book (new paper by Yudovina).

Charles Newman: Spin Glasses and Optimization in dimension $d$

Giorgio Parisi: A Heuristic approach to random optimization problems

David Aldous: A conjectured compactification of some finite reversible Markov chains and Using Prediction Market Data to Illustrate Undergraduate Probability.