Retire "dice" as the icon for randomness!

I often quote Taleb's line The sterilized randomness of games does not resemble randomness in real life. Dice represent "pure chance", but such pure randomness is better viewed as an extreme case of the 100 contexts where we perceive chance in the real world. But I assert
dice are greatly overused, both as a verbal metaphor and as a visual image.
I give examples of images below. My point is that frequently encountering the same metaphor or image surely gives people the impression that probability concerns little more than the kind of "pure randomness" exemplified by dice. This strikes me as very unimaginative. By analogy, for deterministic systems one might visualize a pendulum or a thrown ball or the elliptical orbit of a planet -- there is no single prevalent image.

"And replace dice with what?" you may ask. Well, I'm open to suggestions. I use dart throws, for which the "errors" (distance from target) arise from a mixture of skill and chance.

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