Illustrative queries by topic

These are queries found in the searches for "chance of" in Bing project. They are not edited for spelling or grammar! The number of queries in this list on a subject is roughly proportional to the total number of Bing queries on that subject. The subjects should be self-explanatory, though we add brief comments after each group.

We were slightly surprised to find almost as many queries about attempting pregnancy as about preventing pregnancy. We were surprised to find considerably more interest in the possibility of twins rather than in boy/girl, and considerable desire to have twins. Possible genetic outcomes. Many concerns about the progress of pregnancy. Queries about medical concerns span a range from specific cause-effect to general chance of contracting a disease to effectiveness of treatment. In comparison to other topics, these queries are usually well thought out and well phrased. Nothing notably unexpected in the games category ....... .... or in the accidents category. Few people ask the chance of desirable weather, except children hoping for a snow day! Is there somewhere on the web that will answer these career questions for the individual? Very few queries, such as these, relate to major ongoing "serious news" topics. The questions on finance (and a few on law) tend toward individual concerns rather than macroeconomic policy! Two of the very diverse questions on everyday life and social life. The above three groups were: definitional queries; philosophical queries; and obscure technical topics we had to look up ourselves. Finally, these users were clearly interested in something but unsuccessful in expressing it.