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(Warning: this is nerd humor) Big Data: the substitute for Love. If you assume that higher-profile authors get preferential treatment from journals, read this extract from the referee report on a recent paper of mine. 1976 Cambridge photo
I wish I'd said that Mathematical humor (original!) 2011 official photo
The nine best science fiction novels you've never heard of 2007 unofficial photo and 2013 unofficial photo Academic vita
Most ambiguous praise I received in 2009 Impressions from my year at Microsoft Research Why my wife calls me Le Grand Fromage .......
Obituaries of my parents In case you doubted the proposition "you can prove anything with Big Data", I have been ranked by this website as the 365,625'th most famous person in history. ..... and the Big Apple.
The three things you need to know for success in the 21st century 40 years playing volleyball; still not perfected the block.
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