Interdisciplinary Stochastic Processes Colloquium

**** Only occasionally scheduled, Fall 2011 ****

This colloquium series is intended to showcase talks of interest to more than one departmental group of researchers and graduate students.

In Fall 2011 the Colloquium will again meet in 60 Evans and be held usually on the third Tuesday of each month, 4.10 - 5.00.

We will take the speaker to dinner after the talk (at 6.00 pm). Tell David Aldous if you wish to join us for dinner. r>

Anyone with suggestions for speakers, please contact one of us.

David Aldous (Statistics): coordinator

Alistair Sinclair (C.S.)

Venkat Anantharam (E.E.)

Fraydoun Rezakhanlou (Math.)

2010 speaker title (click for abstract)
11/23 Russ Lyons You're Brothers?? Disparate Corollaries of One Theorem
11/16 Gerard Ben Arous Counting critical points of random functions in many dimensions
10/12 Yuval Peres Cover times, blanket times, and the Gaussian free field

Previous Talks

2009 speaker title (click for abstract)
10/27 Alice Guionnet Global asymptotics for the spectrum of large random matrices
4/21 Branden Fitelson A Decision Procedure for the Probability Calculus, with Applications
3/17 Federico Bonetto Fourier's Law, a brief mathematical review
10/21 Tim Austin Deducing the multidimensional Szemeredi Theorem from the infinitary hypergraph removal lemma
9/16 Tim Roughgarden Probability in Algorithmic Game Theory: Two Unexpected Appearances
2/19 Anatoly Vershik The infinite dimensional Lebesgue measure, Levy processes with sigma-finite distribution and Poisson-Dirichlet measures
1/22 Yurii Suhov Branching random walks and diffusions on hyperbolic spaces
11/20 Bruce Driver Integrated Harnack Inequalities and the Cameron -- Martin Theorem
10/16 Richard Kenyon Branched polymers (figure)
9/18 Ashish Goel Towards programmable self-assembly and molecular machines
4/17 Kenneth Lange An Overview of the MM Algorithm [Slides]
2/20 Tom Griffiths Markov chain Monte Carlo with people
11/13 Bernd Sturmfels Semigraphoids, Permutohedra, and Mice
9/5 Elchanan Mossel Noise stable sets in discrete and Gaussian spaces
4/18 Steven Evans Death, aging and other fun stuff: what does contemporary probability have to say about patterns of mortality and senescence
2/21 Martin Wainwright Compressing and binning using sparse random graphs
1/17 Rick Durrett Waiting for ATCAAAG
11/15 Amin Saberi Power-law networks: an algorithmic perspective
9/27 Wendelin Werner Self-avoiding loops
11/16 Scott Sheffield Schramm Loewner evolution and the Gaussian free field: Part I
10/19 Alistair Sinclair Phase Transitions and Mixing Times
9/21 Jim Propp Better than random: Quasirandomness for discrete stochastic systems
4/20 Bas Kleijn Complementarity Theorems for Quantum Measures
2/17 Persi Diaconis The fastest mixing Markov chain on a graph
2/12 Rick Durrett A phase transition in genome rearrangement
1/20 Balaji Prabhakar Connections between information and queueing theory
11/18 Horng-Tzer Yau Random Schrodinger Equations
10/21 Oded Schramm Scaling Limits of Random 2D Processes
8/19 Christian Borgs What makes a finite network high-dimensional? Erdos-Renyi scaling for finite graphs
4/8 Francois Baccelli Stochastic geometry and modeling of wireless networks
3/18 Amir Dembo Fractal geometry of simple random covering: late and favorite points
2/18 George Papanicolaou Mathematical problems in array imaging
1/21 Olle Haggstrom Uniqueness of infinite cluster in percolation models
12/05 Massimo Franceschetti The wandering photon: a probabilistic model of wave propagation
11/21 Jung-Bae Son Spectral gap and logarithmic Sobolev constant for balanced matroids
11/07 David Aldous Mean-field combinatorial optimization, fixed point equations and local weak convergence
10/03 Alberto Grunbaum Nonlinear Network Tomography
9/12 Fabio Martinelli Glauber dynamics for the Ising model