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R package: Statistics for Microarray Analysis

This a collection of simple R functions that were used in the techinical report
Statistical methods for identifying differentially expressed genes in replicated cDNA microarray experiments.
Normalization for cDNA Microarray Data.

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R add-on package: 
    Statistics for Microarray Analysis: 
          * (version 0.5.13 2003/08/15) [unix][windows][Changelog]
          * (version 0.5.12 2003/04/17) [unix][windows][Changelog]
          * (version 0.5.11 2003/02/12) [unix][windows][Changelog]
          * (version 0.5.10 2002/10/11) [unix][windows][Changelog]
          * (version 0.5.8 02/27/2002) [unix][windows][Changelog]
          * (version 0.5.7 12/01/2001) [unix][windows][Changelog]
          * (version 0.5.6 11/07/2001) [unix][windows][Changelog]
          * (version 0.5.5 05/18/2001) [unix][windows][Changelog]

Data files: [tar file]. (updated on Jan 26, 2001)

Sample scripts:

Please note that SMA is released under the GPL version 2 or later. You can find out more about the GPL by reading this faq

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