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S. Dudoit, J. Fridlyand, and T. P. Speed. Comparison of Discrimination Methods for the Classification of Tumors Using Gene Expression Data. June 2000.

S. Dudoit, Y.H. Yang, M. J. Callow and T.P.Speed. Statistical methods for identifying differentially expressed genes in replicated cDNA microarray experiments. August 2000.

Y.H. Yang, M. J. Buckley, S. Dudoit and T.P.Speed. Comparison of methods for image analysis on cDNA microarray data. November 2000.

Y. H. Yang, S. Dudoit, P. Luu and T. P. Speed. Normalization for cDNA Microarray Data. SPIE BiOS 2001, San Jose, California, January 2001.

I. Lonnstedt and T. P. Speed. Replicated Microarray Data. Statistical Sinica, Accepted. [ps] [pdf]

G. K. Smyth, Y. H. Yang and T. P. Speed Statistical Issues in cDNA Microarray Data Analysis

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