Stat 260, Spring 2000

Statistics in Genetics

Terry Speed

Week 2:
    Estimating recombination fractions    (ps  pdf)
Week 3:
    Introduction to HMMs
    Tuesday lecture  (ps  pdf)
Week 5:
    Mapping human disease genes
    Thursday lecture: Genetics of blood groups (ps pdf)
Week 6:
    Multipoint linkage analysis
    Notes (ps  pdf)
    Slides (ps  pdf)
Week 7 :
    MCMC in pedigree analysis  (ps pdf)
Week 8:
    Molecular evolution
    Tuesday lecture (ps  pdf)
Week 9:
    Sequence alignment (ps  pdf)
Week 10:
    Sequence alignment (ps  pdf)
Week 12:
    Finding sequence motifs (rtf  pdf)
Week 13:
    More on finding sequence motifs
    (Follow the links from Jun Liu's web site)
Week 14:
    Tuesday lecture (see the notes from 1998: ps pdf)
    Thursday lecture (ps  pdf)
Week 16:
    Microarrays - see Terry's microarray analysis site

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