Stat 246, Spring 2004

Statistics in Genetics

Terry Speed

Week 1:
    Lecture 1: How many genes? Mapping mouse genes.     (pdf  ppt  ps)
    Lecture 2: How many genes? Cont.     Part A (pdf  ppt) Part B (pdf  ppt)

Week 2:
     Lecture 3: How many genes? Completed.  (pdf, ppt)
     Lecture 4: Finding genes associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) in Tasmania (pdf, ppt)

Week 3:
  Lecture 5: Genes and MS in Tasmania, cont. (pdf, ppt)
     Lecture 6: Genes and MS in Tasmania, cont. (pdf, ppt)

Week 4:
      Lecture cancelled to permit attendance at MSRI Workshop, see
      Lecture 7: Genes and MS in Tasmania, completed. (pdf, ppt)

Week 5:
      Lecture 8: HMM in crosses and small pedigrees (pdf, ppt)
      Lecture 9: HMM in crosses and small pedigrees, cont. [incomplete] (pdf, ppt)

Week 6:
Lecture 10: QTL mapping in mice (pdf, ppt)
      Lecture 11: QTL mapping on mice, cont. (pdf, ppt)

Week 7:
       Lecture 12: QTL mapping in mice, completed (pdf, ppt)
       Lecture 13: Introduction to molecular evolution (pdf, ppt)

Week 8:
        Lecture 14: Molecular evolution, cont. (pdf, ppt)
        Lecture 15: Molecular evolution, cont. Estimating rate matrices (pdf, ppt)

Week 9:
        Lecture 16: Molecular evolution, completed. (pdf, ppt)
        Lecture 17: Introduction to microarray technology (pdf, ppt) Extra (pdf)

Week 10: Spring break.

Week 11:
         Lecture 18: Statistical issues in the design of microaray experiments, by Jean Yang (pdf, ppt)
         Lecture 19: Preprocessing of cDNA microarray data (pdf, ppt)

Week 12:
         Lecture 20: Identifying expression differences in cDNA microaray experiments (pdf, ppt)
         Lecture 21: Identifying expression differences in cDNA microarray experiments, cont. (pdf, ppt)

Week 13:
         Lecture 22: Multiple testing in large-scale gene expression experiments (pdf, ppt)
         Lecture 23:  Identifying differentially expressed sets of genes in microarray experiments (pdf, ppt)

Week 14:
         Lecture 24: Identifying cell cycle regulated genes (pdf, ppt)
         Lecture 25: Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) data analysis (pdf, ppt)

Week 15:
         Lecture 26: Biological sequence analysis (pdf, ppt)
         Lecture 27: Introduction to array CGH data (pdf. ppt)

Week 16:
         Lecture 28: Peptide identification using tandem mass spec (pdf, ppt)
         Lecture 29: