Department of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley, CA
Spring Semester 2009

Statistics 215B Statistical Models: Theory and Application

                  Units 4.0  Grade  letter, P/NP, S/U, IP.   Lectures  TT 2.00-3.30, 330 Evans Hall  Labs  Fri 1.00-3.00, 334 Evans Hall

Instructor Terry Speed
Office Hours 327 Evans Hall, times to be announced, or by appt

Statistics 215A or equivalent

(incomplete list)
John Snow on cholera (
Response schedules  (Freedman, Chapter 5).
Simultaneous equations (Freedman, Chapter 8).
Multistage models for cancer (Freedman & Navidi 1989).
Sampling (Cochran 1977, or another book).
Experimental design (Fisher Collected Papers, Box, Hunter & Hunter 2005)
Some statistical problems from cancer genomics

Labs (incomplete list)
1. Simultaneous equations
2. Multistage models for cancer
3. A sample survey
4. An agricultural experiment
5. An industrial experiment
6. Analysis of cancer genomics data

To be given out from time to time.

Students will be invited to select a paper from
a field of interest to them which makes non-trivial
use of statistics. They will then critically review
the paper and present their review to the class.
Selection of the papers will be done with in
conjunction with the instructor.

Will be take-home.

Freedman, D.A. Statistical Models: Theory and Practice,  Cambridge University Press, 2005.

Other references, notes, labs, homework etc. will be posted on the course bSpace site.