STAT 133 Homework 4: Custom Graphics
Napoleon's March
Due: Friday, 9 Apr

One of the most famous statistical graphics is Minard's figurative map of the succesive losses of men in the French army during the Russian campaign, 1812-1813.

From Michael Friendly's website Re-Vision's of Minard.

Wilkinson (The Grammar of Graphics, Chapter 15) digitized the origial graphic, anlayzed the notations, and located geographic landmarks to produce the data behind Minard's graphic. These data consist of three tables:

From this data, Wilkinson produced the following graphic.

From Michael Friendly's website Re-Vision's of Minard.

Your assignment is to use R to reproduce Wilkinson's graphic. To help you in this task, we use Wilkinson's grammar to describe his rendition of the Minard graphic of Napoleon's March.

Your assignment should include the R code you used to create the graphic (in a plain text file) and a signed graphic (in pdf format). To sign your graphic, put an inconspicuous, unique identifier somewhere on the graph (include the code to do this in your submission).

Please email your assignment to Gang Liang (liang at by midnight Friday, April 9.