Deconstruct - Reconstruct a Plot


In this assignment, the student: finds a plot published on or ManyEyes; describes the basic message that the plot creator is trying to convey; critiques the plot (good and bad) using ideas from Wainer's Dirty dozen and Cleveland's notion of "clear understanding" and "clear vision"; addresses these criticisms in a new plot that they create using R; describes what additional data migth clarify or strengthn the message and finds such data; and makes a new plot (using R) with this additional data - the data may augment the original data or replace it.


Learning objectives

The student gains practice in the following:

Prerequisite material and placement within the course

This assignment can come early in a course. It requires student to know/use basic plot terminology and introductory material in Cleveland and Wainer.

Software requirements

Graphics software that provides access to "low-level" plotting elements, such as R.

Supporting materials


Instructor notes:

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