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A Toolkit for an Interactive Learning Environment (TILE)

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Advances in computer technology are changing the way we teach. The explosion of Internet activities and the new GUI and WEB-oriented programming languages such as Java offer exciting opportunities for developing new instructional material. The TILE project aims to provide examples of instructional material that utilize these new computing capabilities and it aims to provide a versatile tool kit for others to develop their own interactive instructional material.

Four example labs are currently being implemented in TILE. They represent diverse pedagogical techniques and diverse applications of the toolkit. The toolkit consists of numerous components used in the different labs considered in this project. They were primarily developed by Duncan Temple Lang. They are being implemented in Java and use HTML as the basis of much of the input that gives the labs their content. Since Java is platform independent, these labs can be used on any of the major computer systems (i.e. Unix, MS Windows and Macintosh).

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