Statistics 215b - Some Details - Spring 2006

Applied Statistics at an Advanced Level (4)

Some dates: April 28 - Take home part of final handed out in lab, May 9 - In class part of final (50 minutes).

2006 Takehome part of the final

Take home part is due at the in class final.

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Instructor: David R. Brillinger: (

Office hours: Wed 3:00-5:30pm in 417 Evans

GSI: Matias Cattaneo

Office hours: Wed-Thu 0830-100 in 387 Evans

Course notes

Course Format: Three hours of lecture and two hours of laboratory per week.

Prerequisites: Linear algebra, fourth year statistics, Statistics 215a, or consent of Instructor.

Description: The techniques of applied statistics. Data types and structures. Model formulation, fitting and validation. The principal models. Planning and design. Difficulties that arise. Usage of statistical computer packages. Presentation of conclusions.

Class hours: Tu-Th 2:00 to 3:30 in 334 Evans

Lab hours: Fr 12:00 to 2:00 334 Evans

Text for Class: C. R. Rao. Linear Statistical Inference and Its Applications, Second Edition. Wiley.

Text for Lab: W.N. Venables and B.D. Ripley. Modern Applied Statistics with S-Plus, Most recent Edition. Springer.

The students will be expected to analyze data sets using R or an equivalent and to prepare formal reports in Latex or Word or somesuch.


Some other books

Writing the reports

Course grade: based on lab reports, in-class midterm (April 4) and an in-class final (May 9). Both in-class exams are closed book.