The program is written in extended Fortran 77 making use of a number of VAX extensions. It runs with SUN workstations f77 and with Absoft Fortran 77 (on Mac) and with the free g77 compiler, but may have problems with other f77 compilers. If you find such problems and fixes for them, please let us know.

A fortran compiler is available at: MinGW compiler

  1. Go down the page until you see File List and a table of stuff.
  2. Select the top one, which should be "MinGW-3.2.0-rc-3.exe".
  3. Select a mirror, download it and double-click it, to install the software. (It gives you a lot more than just a fortran compiler.) Remember where it put the code. e.g. I got it to install into a folder called MinGW on my C drive.
  4. Put the glass code and the glass data somewhere, e.g. a folder called "Glass" on your C drive. Call them glass.f and glass.train. The first file is the fortran code, the second is the glass data.
  5. Go to Start -> Run and type cmd , which will pop up a black window. This might be a little different in Windows XP. In the black window, cd to the folder in which you put the fortran code and the data. I did cd C:\\Glass
  6. Now, in the black window you should be able to do: C://MinGW/bin/g77 glass.f to compile and a.exe to run. Remember to remove the output files before you re-run.
Note that the /'s in number 5 and number 6 DO go opposite ways! If you are a more advanced user of windows, you can make life easier by putting the MinGW/bin directory in your path, or getting someone who knows how to do this to help you (it only needs to be done once).