Berkeley Statistics Annual Research Symposium (BSTARS)

Monday 11 March 2013

  1. Philip Stark, Department Chair
    Mark Richards, Executive Dean
    College of Letters and Science

  2.   Keynote Speaker:

      Terry Speed

    Statistical Experiences Outside Academia

  3.   Session 1:

    Chair: Bin Yu

      Imola Fodor, Senior VP, Genentech

    Statistics at Genentech - An Overview

      Tamara Broderick

    Beyond K-means and Beyond Clustering: BP-means and Related Ideas

      Derek Bean

    High-dimensional linear regression: how to choose the objective function

      James Long

    Classification of Sparse, Irregularly Sampled Time Series and Feature Measurement Error

  4.   Session 2:

    Chair: Peter Bickel

      Aiyou Chen, Statistician, Google

    Data Enriched Linear Regression

      Po-Ling Loh

    Graph Learning With Corruptions

      Jeffrey Regier

    Large-scale Spectral Disambiguation

  5.   Session 3:

    Chair: Steve Evans

      Giulia C. Kennedy, Chief Sci. Officer, Veracyte

    Biology is Noisy, Sparse and Ambiguous: Developing Advanced Molecular Diagnostics

      Yuval Benjamini

    Reconstructing Visual Experiences From Brain Activity

      Miles Lopes

    How Quickly Do Ensembles Converge?

  6.   Keynote Speaker:

      Peter Bartlett

    Large Scale Statistical Learning Problems

  7. Jon McAuliffe

one Industry Alliance speaker @ 30 minutes, two students @ 15 minutes each