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The Berkeley campus is home to outstanding academic programs and world-renowned faculty in almost every conceivable field. As a result, the campus attracts students and visitors from around the world and provides an intellectually rich environment. Within a few hours drive from Berkeley are national parks such as Point Reyes, Yosemite and Lassen, the breathtaking Pacific Coast, and of course the city of San Francisco. Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area provide almost unparalleled ethnic diversity, outstanding music, art, theater and other cultural activities and some of the very finest restaurants.
Included below are some links to campus information that may be of interest to prospective students.

Good places to browse:

The UC Berkeley Home Page for links to everything on campus: i.e., course descriptions, course schedules, links to the Graduate Division web site, the Office of Financial Aid web site, and most academic departments/units.
The Graduate Division web site contains everything a prospective or current student needs to know about graduate study at Berkeley. A useful document is Where to Begin, a guide for new graduate students which can be found in the Graduate Admissions section.

The Guide to Graduate Policy is useful tool to help explain policies and procedures that govern graduate work at UC Berkeley. The guide is available on the Graduate Division website (http://grad.berkeley.edu/policies/guides/category/ggp/).
The Department of Statistics is a good place to look for resources available to Biostatistics students such as computing, Statistics faculty research interests, and descriptions of courses offered in the Department. Degrees of Freedom is the graduate student handbook for students pursuing degrees in the Department of Statistics and has lots of useful information for Biostatistics students as well.
For information on health care services and medical insurance programs for students, visit the University Health Service web site.
The Cal Rentals Office can help students locate apartments and shared housing opportunities.
The Family Student Housing office can provide information on low-cost housing for married students and single parent families.
The International House can provide living accommodations for both US and international students.
Information on recreational facilities is available through
Cal Recreational Sports Facility.

Specific questions about the Biostatistics Academic Degree programs may be addressed to:
  Group in Biostatistics
  101 Haviland Hall
  University of California
  Berkeley, CA 94720-7358 USA
(or via email: biostat@berkeley.edu).