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Petition to add the MA or PhD in Biostatistics - applicable to former or current Berkeley graduate students

The implementation of a new Student Information System (SIS) has revealed the need to clarify policy and procedure for students who seek a new degree that is different from -- or in addition to -- their original degree program. Beginning Fall 2016, students will no longer be allowed to add or change to a new degree program without applying through the Online Application for Admission per the degree-granting program's normal admissions and review cycle. This policy is to ensure a transparent, thorough, and fair application review process, independent from an applicant's current or past enrollment at Berkeley. There is no need to submit the former "Application for Readmission" or the "Change of Major" forms.

Also, please note that students returning to the same program after a period of absence are covered under the "Re-Enrollment" process in the new SIS; they do not have to apply again or use the Online Application for Admission process.

For additional information on the petition process, please visit the School of Public Health’s website for current/previous UC Berkeley student applicants (http://sph.berkeley.edu/admissions/how-to-apply).