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Dissertation Topics

The following is a list of dissertation titles (committee chair in parentheses) authored by recent Biostatistics Ph.D. graduates. Since its inception in 1955, the Group in Biostatistics has produced more than 100 doctoral graduates. The majority of these people have found positions as professors and/or researchers at academic institutions located throughout the US.
Edward Bein (2007):
Topics in Causal Inference: Analyzing Psychotherapy Outcome Studies, Convex-Combination Estimators, and G-Computations Model Selection (van der Laan)
Oliver Bembom (2007):
Statistical Methods for Causal Inference When the Assumption of Experimental Treatment Assignment is Violated (van der Laan)
Maya Petersen (2007):
Application of Causal Inference Methods to Improve the Treatment of Antiretroviral-Resistant HIV Infection (van der Laan)
Hui Tang (2007):
Finding DNA cis-Regulatory Elements Using Regression Methods (Speed)
Siew-Leng Teng (2007):
Statistical Methods in Integrative Analysis of Gene Expression Data with Applications to Biological Pathways (Huang)
Jessica Young (2007):
Statistical Methods for Complicated Current Status and High-Dimensional Data Structures with Applications in Environmental Epidemiology (Jewell)
Yun Zhou (2006):
Statistical Issues in a Case-Control Study of Gene Expression in Postmortem Human Brains (Speed)
Sandra Sinisi (2006):
Data-Adaptive Prediction with the Delection/Substitution/Addition Algorithm (Dudoit)
Yan Wang (2006):
Statistical Methods for Evaluating Linkage Disequilibrium Using Length of Haplotype Sharing (Dudoit)
Rhoderick Machekano (2006):
Statistical Complications of Infectious Disease Data: Machine Learning, Causal Inference and Multiple Testing (Hubbard/Jewell)
Merrill Birkner (2006):
Statistical Hypothesis Testing and Application to Biological Data
(van der Laan)
Yu Chuan Tai (2005):
Multivariate Empirical Bayes Models for Replicated Microarray Time Course Data (Speed)
Xiudong Lei (2005):
Problems in Survival Analysis with Application to Analysis of HIV and SARS Data Needs (Jewell)
Benjamin Bolstad (2004):
Low-level Analysis of High-density Oligonucleotide Array Data: Background, Normalization and Summarization (Speed)
Annette M. Molinaro (2004):
Novel Approaches to Prediction of Survival in Cancer Research: Focus on Genomics (van der Laan)
Romain S. Neugebauer (2004):
Double Robust Estimation of Causal Parameters in Marginal Structural Models (van der Laan)
Katherine S. Pollard (2003):
Computationally Intensive Statistical Methods for Analysis of Gene Expression Data (van der Laan)
Sunduz Keles (2003):
Statistical Methods for cis-Regulatory Motif Detection in DNA Sequences and Bivariate Survival Function Estimation under Informative Censoring (van der Laan)