Geoffrey Schiebinger

PICTURE Geoffrey Schiebinger
NSF Fellow

Doctoral Candidate,
Department of Statistics
UC Berkeley

office: 397 Evans Hall

Hi! I am a doctoral candidate in the Berkeley Statistics department, advised by Ben Recht. I joined Berkeley in 2011 after graduating from Stanford University with a bachelors in mathematics, a minor in physics, and a masters in electrical engineering. I'm supported by a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation.

I'm interested in the interplay between theory and experiment in the natural and mathematical sciences. I am currently working on super resolution imaging. In my spare time I enjoy running in the Berkeley hills and kite surfing in the Bay.

Journal Papers

G. Schiebinger, M. J. Wainwright and B. Yu (2014). The Geometry of Kernelized Spectral Clustering. Submitted.

A. Guntuboyina, S. Saha and G. Schiebinger (2014). Sharp inequalities for f-divergences. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. vol. 60, pages 104-121.

L. A. Warren, D. J. Rossi, G. Schiebinger, I. L. Weissman, S. K. Kim and S. R. Quake (2007). Transcriptional instability is not a universal attribute of aging. Aging Cell. vol. 6, pages 775-782.


I was the GSI for Statistics 153: Introduction to Time Series Analysis (Spring 2014).