I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at the University of California, Berkeley. I joined Berkeley in January, 2012 after finishing a six month post-doc at the Wharton Statistics Department, University of Pennsylvania.

I finished my PhD in
statistics from Yale University in June, 2011. My dissertation advisor was Professor David Pollard. I joined Yale in August, 2006 after completing the B.Stat and M.Stat degrees from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

I am currently working on statistical problems involving convexity typified by the estimation of convex sets and functions from various types of noisy measurements. My PhD thesis was on lower bounds for the classical decision-theoretic quantity, minimax risk. I have also worked on Respondent Driven Sampling, concentration of measure for large random matrices and on properties of the James-Stein estimator. Here is a list of my publications.