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732. Francois Barbancon, Tandy Warnow, Steven N. Evans, Donald Ringe, & Luay Nakhleh (May 2007)
An experimental study comparing linguistic phylogenetic reconstruction methods
[Abstract, PDF]
731. S. Mukherjee & T. P. Speed (April 2007)
Sparse, noisy Boolean functions
[Abstract, PDF]
730. Martin J. Wainwright & Emin Martinian (April 2007)
Low-density graph codes that are optimal for
[Abstract, PDF]
729. Sach Mukherjee & Terence P. Speed (April 2007)
Markov chain Monte Carlo for Structural Inference with Prior Information
[Abstract, PDF]
728. Peter L. Bartlett (March 2007)
Fast Rates for Estimation Error & Oracle Inequalities for Model Selection
[Abstract, PDF]
727. Vincent Q. Vu, Bin Yu, Robert E. Kass (March 2007)
Coverage Adjusted Entropy Estimation
[Abstract, PDF]
726. Nancy N. Wang & Nusrat Rabbee (March 2007)
The Impact of an Inaccurate Diagnostic Biomarker on Phase II Clinical Trials in The Development of Targeted Therapy.
[Abstract, PDF]
725. Martin J. Wainwright (January 2007)
Information-theoretic limits on sparsity recovery in the high-dimensional & noisy setting
[Abstract, PDF]
724. Steven N. Evans & Tye Lidman (January 2007)
Asymptotic evolution of acyclic random mappings
[Abstract, PDF]
723. David R. Brillinger (December 2006)
Learning a potential function from a trajectory
[Abstract, PDF]
722. Peter L. Bartlett & Mikhail Traskin (December 2006)
AdaBoost is Consistent
[Abstract, PDF]
721. Steven N. Evans (December 2006)
Probability & real trees
[Abstract, PDF]
720. Nicolai Meinshausen & Bin Yu (December 2006)
Lasso-type recovery of sparse representations for high-dimensional data
[Abstract, PDF]
719. Romain Thibaux & Michael I. Jordan (November 2006)
Hierarchical Beta Processes & the Indian Buffet Process
[Abstract, PDF]
718. Constantinos Daskalakis, Alexandros D. G. Dimakis, Richard M. Karp, & Martin J. Wainwright (October 2006)
Probabilistic Analysis of Linear Programming Decoding
[Abstract, PDF]
717. Steven N. Evans, David Steinsaltz, Kenneth W. Wachter (September 2006)
A mutation-selection model for general genotypes with recombination
[Abstract, PDF]
716. Peter J. Bickel & Elizaveta Levina (September 2006)
Regularized estimation of large covariance matrices
[Abstract, PDF]
715. Kenji Fukumizu, Francis R. Bach & Michael I. Jordan (September 2006)
Kernel Dimension Reduction in Regression
[Abstract, PDF]
714. Peter Bickel, Bas Kleijn, & John Rice (August 2006)
On Detecting Periodicity in Astronomical Point Processes
[Abstract, PDF]
713. Steven N. Evans & David Steinsaltz (December 2006)
Damage segregation at fissioning may increase growth rates: A superprocess model
[Abstract, PDF]
712. Kyungpil Kim, Keni Jiang, Shibo Zhang, Li Cai, In-Beum Lee, Lewis Feldman, Haiyan Huang (June 2006)
Measuring Similarity between Gene Expression Profiles with the Consideration of Both Shape & Magnitude
[Abstract, PDF]
711. Siew-Leng Melinda Teng, Jasmine Zhou, & Haiyan Huang (June 2006)
A Statistical Framework to Infer Functional Gene Associations from Multiple Biologically Interrelated Microarray Experiments
[Abstract, PDF]
710. Steven N. Evans & Tye Lidman (June 2006)
Expectation, Conditional Expectation & Martingales in Local Fields
[Abstract, PDF]
709. Martin J. Wainwright (June 2006)
Sharp thresholds for high-dimensional & noisy recovery
[Abstract, PDF]
708. Xuanlong Nguyen, Martin J. Wainwright & Michael I. Jordan (June 2006)
On optimal quantization rules for some sequential decision problems
[Abstract, PDF]
707. Victor M. Panaretos (April 2006)
Representation of Radon Shape Diffusions via Hyperspherical Brownian Motion
[Abstract, PDF]
706. Bin Yu (March 2006)
Embracing Statistical Challenges in the Information Technology Age
[Abstract, PDF]
705. Steven N. Evans, Yelena Shvets, Montgomery Slatkin (April 2006)
Non-equilibrium theory of the allele frequency spectrum
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
704. Xin Jiang, Yang Liu, Bin Yu, Ming Jiang (March 2006)
Comparison of MISR aerosol optical thickness with AERONET measurements in Beijing Metropolitan Area
[Abstract, PDF]
703. Peng Zhao, Guilherme V. Rocha, Bin Yu (March 2006)
Grouped & Hierarchical Model Selection through Composite Absolute Penalties
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
702. Peng Zhao & Bin Yu (Mar 2006)
On Model Selection Consistency of Lasso
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
700. Tao Shi, Eugene E. Clothiaux, Bin Yu, Amy J. Braverman, David N. Groff (March 2006)
Detection of Daytime Arctic Clouds using MISR & MODIS Data
[Abstract, PDF]
699. Steven N. Evans (February 2006)
The expected number of zeros of a random system of $p$-adic polynomials
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
698. Frederick A. Matsen & Steven N. Evans (January 2006)
Ubiquity of synonymity: almost all large binary trees are not uniquely identified by their spectra or their immanantal polynomials
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
697. Ben Taskar & Simon Lacoste-Julien and Michael I. Jordan (November 2005)
Structured Prediction, Dual Extragradient & Bregman Projections
[Abstract, PDF]
696. Bo Li, Thomas Bengtsson, Peter Bickel (Nov 2005)
Curse-of-dimensionality revisited: Collapse of importance sampling in very high-dimensional systems.
[Abstract, PDF]
695. X. Nguyen, M. J. Wainwright & M. I. Jordan (October 2005)
On divergences, surrogate loss functions & decentralized detection
[Abstract, PDF]
694. Shankar Bhamidi & Steven N. Evans and Ron Peled and Peter Ralph (September 2005)
Brownian motion on time scales, basic hypergeometric functions, & some continued fractions of Ramanujan
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
693. Nusrat Rabbee & Terence P. Speed (August, 2005)
A genotype calling algorithm for Affymetrix SNP arrays
[Abstract, PDF]
692. Vivian Ng & Leo Breiman (August 2005)
Bivariate variable selection for classification problem
[Abstract, PDF]
689. Tao Shi & Bin Yu (April 2005)
Binning in Gaussian Kernel Regularization
[Abstract, PDF]
688. Francis R. Bach & Michael I. Jordan (April 2005)
A Probabilistic Interpretation of Canonical Correlation Analysis
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
685. Steven N. Evans & Anita Winter (February 2005)
Subtree prune & re-graft: a reversible real tree valued Markov process
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
678. Peng Zhao & Bin Yu (December 2004)
Boosted Lasso & Reverse Boosting
[Abstract, PDF]
676. Nicolai Meinshausen & John Rice (October 2004)
Estimating the Proportion of False Null Hypotheses among a Large Number of Independently Tested Hypotheses
[Abstract, PDF]
674. David M. Blei & Michael I. Jordan (October 2004)
Variational inference for Dirichlet process mixtures
[Abstract, PDF]
673. Tandy Warnow, Steven N. Evans, Don Ringe, & Luay Nakhleh (September 2004)
A stochastic model of language evolution that incorporates homoplasy & borrowing
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
672. Luay Nakhleh, Tandy Warnow, Don Ringe, & Steven N. Evans (September 2004)
A comparison of phylogenetic reconstruction methods on an IE dataset
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
671. M. J. Wainwright & M. I. Jordan (September 2004)
Treewidth-based conditions for exactness of the Sherali-Adams & Lasserre relaxations
[Abstract, PDF]
669. E. Maneva, E. Mossel & M. J. Wainwright (September 2004)
A New Look at Survey Propagation & its Generalizations
[Abstract, PDF]
668. Steven N. Evans & Tandy Warnow (August 2004)
Unidentifiable divergence times in rates-across-sites models
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
667. Yu Chuan Tai & Terence P. Speed (August 2004)
A multivariate empirical Bayes statistic for replicated microarray time course data
[Abstract, PDF]
666. Chao Chen, Andy Liaw & Leo Breiman (July 2004)
Using Random Forest to Learn Imbalanced Data
[Abstract, PDF]
665. Young Cho & John Rice (July 2004)
Estimating velocity fields on a freeway from low resolution video recordings
[Abstract, PDF]
664. Peter Bickel, Chao Chen, Jaimyoung Kwon, John Rice, Erik van Zwet & Pravin Varaiya (June 2004)
Measuring Traffic
[Abstract, PDF]
663. Tao Shi, Bin Yu, Eugene E. Clothiaux & Amy J. Braverman (June 2004)
Cloud Detection over Snow & Ice Using MISR Data
[Abstract, PDF]
662. Steven N. Evans & Xiaowen Zhou (June 2004)
Balls-in-boxes duality for coalescing random walks & coalescing Brownian motion
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
661. Matthias Seeger & Michael I. Jordan (April 2004)
Sparse Gaussian process classification with multiple classes
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
660. Steven N. Evans & Don Ringe and Tandy Warnow (April 2004)
Inference of divergence times as a statistical inverse problem
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
659. Tandy Warnow & Steven N. Evans and Don Ringe and Luay Nakhleh (April 2004)
Stochastic models of language evolution & an application to the Indo-European family of languages
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
658. XuanLong Nguyen, Martin J. Wainwright & Michael I. Jordan (April 2004)
Decentralized Detection & Classification using Kernel Methods
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
657. David Steinsaltz & Steven N. Evans and Kenneth W. Wachter (March 2004)
A generalized model of mutation-selection balance with applications to aging
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
656. A. Chen & P.J. Bickel (March 2004)
Supplement to "Consistent Independent Component Analysis & Prewhitening"
[Abstract, PDF]
654. Steven N. Evans & Jim Pitman and Anita Winter (February 2004)
Rayleigh processes, real trees, & root growth with re-grafting
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
653. Yee Whye Teh, Michael I. Jordan, Matthew J. Beal & David M. Blei (October 2004)
Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
[Abstract, PDF]
652. David A. Freedman & Kenneth W. Wachter (January 2004)
Methods for Census 2000 & Statistical Adjustments
[Abstract, PDF]
651. David A. Freedman (November 2003)
Structural Equation Models: A Critical Review
[Abstract, PDF]
650. Francis R. Bach & Michael I. Jordan (September 2003)
Learning Graphical Models for Stationary Time Series
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
649. Martin J. Wainwright & Michael I. Jordan (September 2003)
Graphical models, exponential families, & variational inference
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
647. Jon D. McAuliffe, Lior Pachter, & Michael I. Jordan (August 2003)
Multiple-sequence functional annotation & the generalized hidden Markov phylogeny
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
646. G. R. G. Lanckriet, M. Deng, N. Cristianini, M. I. Jordan, & W. S. Noble (August 2003)
Kernel-based Data Fusion & its Application to Protein Function Prediction in Yeast
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
645. Aiyou Chen & Peter J. Bickel (July 2003)
Efficient Independent Component Analysis (II)
[Abstract, PDf]
644. Alexander Gnedin & Jim Pitman (July 2003; revised December 8, 2003)
Regenerative composition structures.
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
643. Jean Bertoin & Loic Chaumont and Jim Pitman (July 2003)
Path transformations of first passage bridges
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
642. Morris L. Eaton & David A. Freedman (June 2003)
Dutch Book against some "Objective" Priors
[Abstract, PDF]
641. Kenji Fukumizu, Francis R. Bach, & Michael I. Jordan (May 2003)
Dimensionality Reduction for Supervised Learning with Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
639. DA Freedman, DB Petitti, JM Robins (March 2004)
On the Efficacy of Screening for Breast Cancer
[Abstract, PDF]
638. Peter L. Bartlett, Michael I. Jordan, & Jon D. McAuliffe (April 2003)
Convexity, Classification, & Risk Bounds
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
637. David Steinsaltz & Steven N. Evans (March 2003 (revised May 2004))
Quasistationary distributions for one-dimensional diffusions with killing
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
636. David Steinsaltz & Steven N. Evans (March 2003 (revised June 2003))
Markov mortality models: Implications of quasistationarity & varying initial distributions
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
634. Aiyou Chen & Peter Bickel (Jan 2003)
Efficient independent component analysis
[Abstract, PDF]
633. Yongchao Ge, Sandrine Dudoit & Terence P. Speed (Jan. 2003)
Resampling-based multiple testing for microarray data analysis
[Abstract, PDF]
631. Persi Diaconis & David A. Freedman (January 2003)
The Markov Moment Problem & de Finettti's Theorem: Parts I and II
[Abstract, PDF]
630. Tao Shi, Bin Yu, & Amy Braverman (December 2002)
MISR Cloud Detection over Ice & Snow Based on Linear Correlation Matching
[Abstract, PDF]
629. Antar Bandyopadhyay (November 2002)
Bivariate Uniqueness in the Logistic Recursive Distributional Equation
[Abstract, PDF]
628. Lea Popovic (October 2002)
Asymptotic Genealogy of a Critical Branching Process
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
627. Steven N. Evans (October 2002 (revised June 2003))
Embedding a Markov chain into a random walk on a permutation group
[Abstract, PostScript]
626. Chyng-Lan Liang, John A. Rice, Imke de Pater, Charles Alcock, Tim Axelrod, Andrew Wang, & Stuart Marshall (September 2002)
Statistical Methods for Detecting Stellar Occultations by Kuiper Belt Objects: the Taiwanese-American Occultation Survey
[Abstract, PDF]
625. Jim Pitman (October 2002)
Poisson-Kingman partitions
[Abstract, PostScript]
622. Y. Ritov, A. Raz, & H. Bergman (July 2002)
Detection of onset of neural activity using an empirical Bayes change point analysis
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
621. Jim Pitman (August 2002)
Combinatorial Stochastic Processes
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
617. S.N. Evans, B. Hansen & P.B. Stark (23 May 2002, revised 14 August 2002)
Minimax Expected Measure Confidence Sets for Restricted
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
616. Terence P. Speed & Yee Hwa Yang (April 2002)
Direct versus indirect designs for cDNA microarray experiments
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
615. Steven N. Evans (April 2002)
Diffusions on the simplex from Brownian motions on hypersurfaces
[Abstract, PostScript]
614. Steven N. Evans (December 2001)
Elementary divisors & determinants of random matrices over a local field
[Abstract, PostScript]
613. Martin T. Barlow & Steven N. Evans (November 2001)
Markov processes on vermiculated spaces
[Abstract, PostScript]
612. David A. Freedman & Kenneth W. Wachter (November 2001)
Improving the Accuracy of the Census Through Adjustment
[Abstract, PDF]
611. D.A. Freedman & P.B. Stark (September 2001)
What is the Chance of an Earthquake
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
610. David R. Brillinger, Haiganoush K. Preisler, Alan A. Ager, John G. Kie & Brent S. Stewart (September 2001)
Modelling Movements of Free-Ranging Animals
[Abstract, PDF]
609. S.N. Evans & P.B. Stark (August 2001)
Inverse Problems as Statistics
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
608. M. Jeanblanc & J. Pitman and M. Yor (January, 2002)
Self-similar processes with independent increments associated with Levy & Bessel processes
[Abstract, PostScript]
607. Jim Pitman & Marc Yor (November 2001)
Hitting, occupation, & inverse local times of one-dimensional diffusions: martingale and excursion approaches
[Abstract, PostScript]
606. David Aldous & Jim Pitman (February 2002)
The asymptotic distribution of the diameter of a random mapping
[Abstract, PostScript]
605. Peter B\"uhlmann & Bin Yu (August 2001)
Boosting with the $L_2$-Loss: Regression & Classification
[Abstract, PostScript]
604. Mark Coates, Alfred Hero, Robert Nowak, & Bin Yu (August, 2001)
Large scale inference & tomography for network monitoring and diagnosis
[Abstract, PostScript]
603. Steven N. Evans (July 2001)
Eigenvalues of random wreath products
[Abstract, PostScript]
602. Peter J. Bickel & Ya'acov Ritov (July 2001)
Non-Parametric Estimators Which Can Be ``Plugged-In''
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
601. David A. Freedman (June 2001)
On Specifying Graphical Models for Causation
[Abstract, PDF]
600. Jane Fridlyand & Sandrine Dudoit (September 2001)
Applications of resampling methods to estimate the number of clusters & to improve the accuracy of a clustering method
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
599. D. Steinsaltz (June 2001)
Random logistic maps & Lyapunov exponents
[Abstract, PostScript]
598. D. Steinsaltz (July 2001)
Convergence of Moments in a Markov-chain central limit theorem
[Abstract, PostScript]
597. Jim Pitman (June 2001)
Poisson-Dirichlet & GEM invariant distributions for split-and-merge transformations of an interval partition
[Abstract, PostScript]
596. D. A. Freedman & K. W. Wachter (April 2001)
Census 2000
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
595. David Aldous & Jim Pitman (July 2002)
Two recursive decompositions of Brownian bridge related to the asymptotics of random mappings
[Abstract, PostScript]
594. David Aldous & Jim Pitman (December 2001)
Invariance Principles for Non-uniform Random Mappings & Trees
[Abstract, PostScript]
593. Jim Pitman (June 2001)
Random mappings, forests, & subsets associated with Abel-Cayley-Hurwitz multinomial expansions
[Abstract, PostScript, S{\'e}minaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, Issue 46, (45 pp.) 2001]
592. Persi Diaconis & Steven N. Evans (April 2001)
A different construction of Gaussian fields from Markov chains: Dirichlet covariances
[Abstract, PostScript]
591. Jim Pitman (April 2001)
Forest volume decompositions & Abel-Cayley-Hurwitz multinomial expansions
[Abstract, PostScript, J. Comb. Theory A. 98,175-191 (2002)]
590. Steven N. Evans & David Steinsaltz (March 2001 (revised February 2002))
Estimating some features of NK fitness landscapes
[Abstract, PostScript]
589. Yee Hwa Yang, Sandrine Dudoit, Percy Luu & Terence P. Speed (January 2001)
Normalization for c{DNA} microarray data
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
588. Steven N. Evans & Xiaowen Zhou (January 2001)
Different trees have distinct phylogenetic invariants
[Abstract, PostScript]
587. Steven N. Evans & Richard B. Sowers (January 2001)
Pinching & twisting Markov processes
[Abstract, PostScript]
586. Lei Li & Terry Speed (October, 2000)
Deconvolution of sparse positive spikes: is it ill-posed?
[Abstract, PostScript]
585. Lei Li & Terry Speed (May, 2000)
Parametric deconvolution of positive spike trains
[Abstract, PostScript]
584. Yee Hwa Yang, Michael Buckley, Sandrine Dudoit & Terry Speed (November 2000)
Comparison of methods for image analysis on c{DNA} microarray data
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
583. Jason Schweinsberg (November 2000 (revised January 2001))
Applications of the continuous-time ballot theorem to Brownian motion & related processes
[Abstract, PostScript]
581. Jim Pitman & Marc Yor (October 2000)
Infinitely divisible laws associated with hyperbolic functions
[Abstract, PostScript]
580. Steven N. Evans (September 2000)
Local field U-statistics
[Abstract, PostScript]
579. Leo Breiman (August 2000)
Some Infinity Theory for Predictor Ensembles
[Abstract, PostScript]
578. Sandrine Dudoit, Yee Hwa Yang, Matthew J. Callow, & Terence P. Speed (August 2000)
Statistical methods for identifying differentially expressed genes in replicated cDNA microarray experiments
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
577. Persi Diaconis & Steven N. Evans (June 2000)
Linear functionals of eigenvalues of random matrices
[Abstract, PostScript]
576. Sandrine Dudoit, Jane Fridlyand & Terence P. Speed (June 2000)
Comparison of Discrimination Methods for the Classification of Tumors Using Gene Expression Data
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
575. Yoram Gat (March 2000)
Generalization bounds for incremental search classification
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
574. Persi Diaconis & Steven N. Evans (March 2000)
Immanants & finite point processes
[Abstract, PostScript]
573. D. A. Freedman & D. B. Petitti (April 2000)
Salt & Blood Pressure: Conventional Wisdom Reconsidered
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
572. Jason Schweinsberg (March 2000 (revised June 2001))
An $O(n^2)$ bound for the relaxation time of a Markov chain on cladograms.
[Abstract, RSA Vol 20 (2002)]
571. Jason Schweinsberg (January 2000)
Coalescents with simultaneous multiple collisions
[Abstract, EJP Vol 5 (2000) Paper 12]
570. K.W. Wachter & D.A. Freedman (December 1999)
The fifth cell
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
569. Philippe Biane & Jim Pitman and Marc Yor (October 1999)
Probability laws related to the Jacobi theta & Riemann zeta functions, and Brownian excursions
[Abstract, PostScript]
568. Jason Schweinsberg (September 1999)
A necessary & sufficient condition for the $\Lambda$-coalescent to come down from infinity.
[Abstract, ECP Vol 5 (2000) Paper 1]
567. Leo Breiman (September 1999)
Random Forests--Random Features
[Abstract, PostScript]
566. Jean Bertoin & Jim Pitman (September 1999)
Two coalescents derived from the ranges of stable subordinators
[Abstract, Electronic Journal of Probability, Vol. 5 (2000) Paper no. 7, pages 1-17]
565. Steven N. Evans (August 1999)
Right inverses of L\'evy processes & stationary stopped local times
[Abstract, PostScript]
564. Robin Pemantle & Yuval Peres and Jim Pitman and Marc Yor (August 1999)
Where Did The Brownian Particle Go?
[Abstract, Electronic Journal of Probability, Vol. 6 (2001) Paper no. 10, pages 1-22]
563. Jim Pitman & Marc Yor (August 1999)
On the distribution of ranked heights of excursions of a Brownian bridge
[Abstract, PostScript, Annals of Probability vol. 29, pages 362-384 (2001)]
562. Peter Hall, James Reimann, & John Rice (July 1999)
Nonparametric estimation of a periodic function
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
561. Steven N. Evans (July 1999)
Stochastic billiards on general tables
[Abstract, PostScript]
560. Jim Pitman & Richard Stanley (June 1999)
A polytope related to empirical distributions, plane trees, parking functions, & the associahedron
[Abstract, PostScript, Discrete & Computational Geometry 27: 603-634 (2002)]
558. Jim Pitman & Marc Yor (April 1999)
Some properties of the arc sine law related to its invariance under a family of rational maps
[Abstract, PostScript]
557. D. A. Freedman, P. B. Stark & K. W. Wachter (March 2000)
A probability model for census adjustment
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
556. Sandrine Dudoit & Terence P. Speed (April 1999)
A score test for the linkage analysis of qualitative & quantitative traits based on identity by descent data on sib-pairs
[Abstract, published version]
555. Steven N. Evans (April 1999)
Snakes & spiders: Brownian motion on R-trees
[Abstract, PostScript]
554. Mourad E. H. Ismail & Jim Pitman (April 1999)
Algebraic evaluations of some Euler integrals, duplication formulae for Appell's hypergeometric function $F_1$, & Brownian variations
[Abstract, PostScript]
553. Jean Bertoin & Jim Pitman and Juan Ruiz de Chavez (April 1999)
Constructions of a Brownian path with a given minimum
[Abstract, Electronic Communications in Probability, Vol. 4 (1999) Paper no. 5, pages 31-37]
552. P.B. Stark (April, 1999)
Inverse Problems as Statistics
[Abstract, in Surveys on Solution Methods for Inverse Problems, Colton, D.,]
551. Jim Pitman (March 1998)
A lattice path model for the Bessel polynomials
[Abstract, PostScript]
550. Philip B. Stark (16 March 1999; revised 16 May 2000)
The 1990 & 2000 Census Adjustment Plans
[Abstract, PostScript]
549. David A. Freedman (March 1999)
Ecological inference & the ecological fallacy
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
548. Yoram Gat (March 1999)
A bound concerning the generalization ability of a certain class of learning algorithms
[Abstract, PostScript]
547. Leo Breiman (February 1999)
Using adaptive bagging to debias regressions
[Abstract, PostScript]
546. D.A. Freedman & P.B. Stark (February 1999)
The swine flu vaccine & Guillain-Barre syndrome
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
545. Jim Pitman (February 1998)
Brownian motion, bridge, excursion, & meander characterized by sampling at independent uniform times
[Abstract, Electronic Journal of Probability, Vol. 4 (1999) Paper no. 11, pages 1-33]
544. Steven N. Evans & Xiaowen Zhou (February 1999)
Identifiability of exchangeable sequences with identically distributed partial sums
[Abstract, PostScript]
541. E. L. Lehmann (January 1999)
`Student' & small-sample theory
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
540. Peter Donnelly, Steven N. Evans, Klaus Fleischmann, Thomas G. Kurtz & Xiaowen Zhou (November 1998)
Continuum-sites stepping-stone models, coalescing exchangeable partitions, & random trees
[Abstract, PostScript]
539. Jim Pitman (November 1998)
The distribution of local times of a Brownian bridge
[Abstract, PostScript, Séminaire de Probabilités XXXIII, 388-394, Lecture Notes in Math. 1709, Springer, 1999]
537. L.D. Brown, M.L. Eaton, D.A. Freedman, & others (October 1998)
Statistical Controversies in Census 2000
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
536. Ken Newman & John Rice (October 1988)
Modeling the Survival of Chinook Salmon Smolts Outmigrating Through the Lower Sacramento River System
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
535. Leo Breiman (September 1998)
Half&Half Bagging & Hard Boundary Points
[Abstract, PostScript]
534. Jim Pitman & Marc Yor (October 1998)
The law of the maximum of a Bessel bridge
[Abstract, Electronic Journal of Probability, Vol. 4 (1999) Paper no. 15, pages 1-35]
532. Jim Pitman & Marc Yor (August 1998)
Path decompositions of a Brownian bridge related to the ratio of its maximum & amplitude
[Abstract, PostScript]
531. Steven N. Evans (August 1998)
Kingman's coalescent as a random metric space
[Abstract, PostScript]
530. Peter Bickel, Ya'acov Ritov & Thomas Stoker (July, 1998)
Testing & the Method of Sieves
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
529. Anat Sakov & Peter J. Bickel. (July 1998)
An Edgeworth expansion for the m out of n bootstrapped median.
[Abstract, PostScript]
528. Sandrine Dudoit & Terence P. Speed (July 1998)
A score test for linkage using identity by descent data from sibships
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
527. Sandrine Dudoit & Terence P. Speed (July 1998)
Triangle constraints for sib-pair identity by descent probabilities under a general multilocus model for disease susceptibility
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
526. David Aldous & Jim Pitman (June 1998)
A family of random trees with random edge lengths
[Abstract, PostScript, Random Structures & Algorithms Vol 15, 176-195 (1999)]
524. Michael Camarri (July 1998)
Asymptotics for k-fold repeats in the birthday problem with unequal probabilities
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
523. Michael Camarri & Jim Pitman (June 1998)
Limit distributions & random trees derived from the birthday problem with unequal probabilities
[Abstract, Electronic Journal of Probability, Vol. 5 (2000) Paper no. 2, pages 1-18]
522. John Rice & Colin Wu (June 1998)
Nonparametric mixed effects models for unequally sampled noisy curves
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
521. David Freedman (June 1998)
From Association to Causation: Some Remarks on the History of Statistics
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
520. Ben Hansen & Jim Pitman (May 1998)
Prediction rules for exchangeable sequences related to species sampling
[Abstract, PostScript]
519. Steven N. Evans & Xiaowen Zhou (May 1998)
Constructing & counting phylogenetic invariants
[Abstract, PostScript]
518. Leo Breiman (May 1998)
Randomizing Outputs to Increase Prediction Accuracy
[Abstract, PostScript]
515. D. A. Freedman, S. P. Klein, M. Ostland & M. Roberts (April 1998)
On "Solutions" to the Ecological Inference Problem
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
514. David Freedman & Paul Humphreys (May 1998)
Are There Algorithms that Can Discover Causal Structure?
[Abstract, PostScript, PDF]
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Coalescents with multiple collisions
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Arcing the Edge
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Fast evaluation of the likelihood of an HMM: ion channel currents with filtering & colored noise
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Confidence Intervals with more Power to Determine the Sign:
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Empirical Modeling of Extreme Events from Return-Volume Time Series in Stock Market
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[Bias, Variance, &] Arcing Classifiers
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Coalescent random forests.
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Census 2000
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Geophysics, Statistics in
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Confidence Regions for Trends in Time Series:
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Sieve Bootstrap for Time Series
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Kac's moment formula for additive functionals of a Markov process
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Bootstrap Estimate of Kullback-Leibler Information for Model Selection
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Bagging Predictors
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Looking at Markov Samplers through Cusum Path Plots:
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From association to causation via regression
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Stacked Regressions
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