Show Your Statistical Side
(and front and back)

by Nicola Armstrong

The annual T-shirt design competition was held once again this past Spring, continuing the 20 year tradition of our department by having a T-shirt designed and printed by the SGSA with proceeds used to fund a variety of SGSA activities. This year, Erling Larsen, Zhiyu "Gary" Ge and I formed the SGSA "T-shirt Committee." The winner of this year's design competition was faculty member David Brillinger, with help from just about every non-native English speaker he could find! The 1998 design competition will begin Spring 1998 so start thinking about your entry.

If you would like your very own UCB/SGSA T-shirt or are looking for that special gift for a colleague then look no further! 1997's T-shirt, and some of the designs from previous years, may be ordered in sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL for a mere $12 ($15 for pre-1997 designs) + postage. To begin the ordering process please contact me via email. Please note that there is a minimum order we must submit to the manufacturer.

T-shirt designs--past and present

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